Why Digital Marketing?


Thank you for visiting utpalseo.com, Let me tell you the power of digital marketing, it helps you to reach your audience of your product and/or services very fast. E-marketing is growing day by day and dominating the market.The growing trend of internet

Reach prospects
Reach more prospects

users and digital media influences the way of consumers make purchasing decisions; enables business around the clock and overcomes barriers of distance, providing convenience and choice to your customer.

Reach more Prospects:Digital marketing gives you the opportunity for greater engagement to potential customers for your business and is used to extend your market reach, making your brand recognizable to your prospects.

Build Relations with customer and increase sales

Increases Sales and Reduce Cost of Advertising: Do not consider digital marketing just about increasing your customer, it is way of building long term relationships with those customers, through various channels social media, search engine and email. Digital Marketing reduces the cost of advertising and increases sales and profit for your business.

Why should you join my class?


You have already heard, the buzz of digital marketing skills are in serious demand and the job market is booming. Digital marketing is not academic subject like history where student memorizes. It is learnt through experience and working on live projects. The more you practise the more you learn. Therefore, I call a digital marketer as digital practitioner. I will assign a live project and you will learn by yourself working in real time project, i will be merely a mentor. It is a comprehensive course which will prepare you to understand and leverage the powerful channels and tools that technology provides. It enables you to learn and review how the various channels and digital properties can support the business goals of your organization.

Let me tell you about the salary range in digital marketing professionals and freshers:A fresher can expect between Rs 15000-30000 rupees per month. There is no limit for experienced professionals.